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Important Customer information: Corona Virus Update

To reduce the spread of coronavirus, the Government advice to people is to stay at home in order to protect the NHS and save lives.


Government regulations make it clear that an owner taking a pet by vehicle to be groomed is unlikely to be essential travel, however there may be welfare grounds in which grooming may be necessary, particularly if the lockdown persists.


We will be planning to open from May 11th 2020 but with some temporary restrictions and protocols that have been put in place in an effort to protect our clients and our staff. We will reassess the situation next week as more information becomes available.


We will not be able to operate at normal capacity at this time, and so may need to prioritise dogs in the most need of grooming based on their welfare needs.


If you are already booked in, please DO NOT  bring your dog to us until we have confirmed your appointment, via text, email or phone call. This is so we can follow all the Government guidelines, spreading the dogs out more and prioritising appointments where neccessary.


We would like to take this time to Thank you for all you patients and co-operation at this time. We can't wait to get back to some normality and get all your lovely dogs looking and feeling their best xx



In order for us to be open, we have temporary safety protocols that must be followed:


1. If any dog owners or anyone they live with have symptoms, you CANNOT bring your dog to the parlour under any circumstances until 14 days have passed and you are symptom free.  


2. If any member of my household, or myself have any symptoms I will close immediately until further notice. Contacting you where possible via phone/text and lastly a sign on the parlour door.


3. All appointments will be spaced out a minimum of 10-15 minutes apart  and only ONE person and their dog allowed into reception at the parlour at anyone time. My parlour door will be locked whilst i'm working, and only unlocked for you to let your dog in.


4. Entry door handles will be sanitized between each drop off and collection by myself.


5. Please remove your dogs lead and collar when your dog has entered the parlour and take these home with you. Then pop your dog inside the gate to the main parlour. You can put your dogs collar and lead back on yourself upon collection.


6. I will be standing 2 metres away at all times when you are in the premises.


7. I will be wearing gloves/PPE when receiving your dogs in.


8. All dogs will be taken into the bath before ANY grooming procedures can begin.


9. Work station and equipment will be sanitised between each groom.


10. All payments to be made contactless. NO CASH  payments will be accepted at this time.


11. It is EXTREMLY important that we stick to social distancing to protect everyone, therefore if you do not stick to your allocated drop off and pick up time, we will not be able to groom your dog in the future and may turn you away. If you happen to see another customer on the drive, please stay in your car until they have got into their vehicle. If you are unsure, please ring me.