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In Memory of...


I dedicate this site in memory of two of the best four legged friends I could ever wish for...

Never underestimate how much love and friendship a pet dog can give you. I only feel sorry for what those 'non-doggy' people are missing out on!

Sandy was a cross breed, with what..? i'm not sure, it did not matter, she was such a gorgeous dog. My dad rescued her from a customer at work, the owner's other dog use to beat her up, and he wanted rid of her as she was last in.


She came into my family a few months before I was born, apparently my mum was furious that this dog had been brought home (we already had another dog), that soon changed when she clapped eyes on this adourable little girl. All my childhood memories have her in there somewhere. It was lovely growing up with her. She parted with us when I was 14 years old.


Putting a dog to sleep is one of the hardest things we ever had to decide, but in the end we relised looking into her eyes it is the kindess, most loving things you can do for a dog that is suffering with pain and has no chance of recovery. I know they are both in a happier place now.