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About Us

My name is Gemma and I have had an adouration for dogs since I was a little girl. I new I would work with them in some way or another and I decided money is not everything and wanting to do something I really enjoy was the right thing to do.


During my research into Dog grooming, one thing I noticed being a complete dog lover, was how many dog groomers there are around. Unfortuntely I found some not as nice or caring to the dogs as I would have liked to see. I mention this to make people aware how important it is to find a good groomer and one like myself which will treat your dog in a loveable manner as if they were their own.


I am happy to take on dogs whatever their temperment as I believe all dogs can be groomed with the right approach and kindness. Very often than not it is a nervous fear rather than aggression.  All I ask is to PLEASE WARN ME WHEN BOOKING IF YOUR DOG MAY SHOW ANY OF THESE SIGNS. That way I can approach him/her with caution.


I am fully qualified  in both Dog grooming and animal first aid and fully insured in both grooming and dog walking.


I have over 11 years experience as a professional dog groomer and a lifetime of experience as a dog lover having had dogs all my life and have now handed my love of dogs down to my daughter Scarlett. Who adores dogs of all shapes and sizes.