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Teeth Cleaning

At Spot On Dog Grooming we are pleased to offer the Emmi-Pet teeth cleaning system for dogs to our clients. 

The system cleans dogs teeth thoroughly using ultrasound, which penetrates deep into the gums, preventing gum inflammation, periodontitis, tartar, bad breath, and tooth loss.

The best thing about the Emmi-pet is it works without vibration or sound.  The ultrasonic waves, toothpaste and water work together as a team, breaking down tartar, plaque and kills bacteria.

The non-invasive system will benefit not only your dog's teeth, but their health in general, as unhealthy teeth and gums can effect your dogs whole well being.

We start the initial consultation with accessing your dogs teeth, this can be done during their usual groom.  We can take a look at what we are working with and see how excepting of having their mouth touched and held. We can trial holding the tooth brush on and see we think they would be accepting of it. Most are pretty comfortable having it done.  As always there will always be one or two that just don't tolerate it at all and we can advise on an alternative treatment plan. Some dogs may require veterinary attention. If we have any concerns, we will refer you to your vet.

The cost of this treatment is  £40.00 for the first session, which includes their own individual toothbrush head, and £30.00 for any further sessions. Once all the plaque is removed, maintance cleans when booked along side grooms is just £20.00

To book please contact us 


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