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About Our Grooming Salon

My name is Gemma, I've had dogs all my life, and always new I would end up working with them in some way or another.  I count myself as one of the lucky ones who gets to do a job that makes me happy every day.

I started grooming back in 2008, so have gained a lot of experience and knowledge over the years working with all shapes and sizes, including nervous and timid dogs. 


 Our goal is to offer a calm, stress-free and friendly environment along with a high quality grooming experience.  We love to build long term relationships with owners, and to help advise on grooming care to help make the grooming experience as relaxing as possible for your dog. In my eyes, it should be seen as a 'Pamper session, for your dog to enjoy. We lover nothing more than seeing a dogs eyes go all relaxed 'All zenned out' whilst they are getting a little ear clean or a head massage during their blueberry facial!

We are all about pet wellness, comfort, and creating a positive experience. Even if your dog is nervous on their first visit, we hope they go home with a waggy tail! When you bring your dog to Spot On, you can expect them to be treated like family, we adore our job and genuinely love what we do.

We can help your dog feel better, look better, and
definitely smell better!!

No cages! We are proud to be a no cage groomers. Your dog doesn't wait around locked in a cage with barking dogs and buzzing clippers wondering where they are and what's going on.  In fact we are the opposite, we encourage dogs to make themselves at home, have a good wonder around the place, find a bed to sleep in for a quick snooze! Find the toy box and get all the toys out or have a play with other visiting dogs.  We also do-not use cage dryers, all drying is done by hand held dryers.

If you dog isn't dog friendly, not a problem, we can schedule a quieter time, or keep them away from other dogs in the area. 

Our Team

A trio of ladies who absolutely adore dogs of all shapes and sizes. 


Owner, Manager & Groomer


Bather,Teeth Cleaning Expert


Bather & Trainee Groomer 

Our Team
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